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Latest Releases

Music distributed by us from our artists.
Music Distribution
Unlimited releases, Keep 100% rights to your music and deliver to all platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport & many more.
Unlimited Releases
Release unlimited uploads once setup with DistroRecords account for artists.
Artist Control
Edit your tracks through Distro Dashboard & all your music through Spotify, iTunes and more.

We get their attention πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

We will have a promotional plan included with your release which includes: Track Cover by Professional Designer, Blog Posts, Social Media Posts on our Social Media over 35k+ Followers, Optional Artist Smart Link, Track Video created & promoted as well as Facebook Instagram Ads & More!

Now they get interested in you & us.

As label publishers we'll benefit from social media gain from our artists, and the content we post and earnings from our own releases. But of course you will too, but 5x more the following as you are the artist!
Sell your music online

Create your own Artist page, Distribute, Have Artist Control

With Distro Play Premium, Pro Pages gives you all the tools you need to look and operate professionally.Distro Play is completely responsive across all mobile, tablet and desktop browsers and come with a fully integrated shopping cart.
Staff on Board
Ever have a question or run into a major issue? well get any issue resolved by reaching out to our live staff support available from mon-friday.
All Platforms
View your created music released through DistroRecords on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and all other platforms that support commercial music.
Unlimited Releases
Release unlimited tracks to all platforms and set percentages.
Scheduled Releases
Manually picked releases to fit ad spot & promotions for you as an artist.
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