Welcome to Distro Records! We create high quality promotion for our high quality serviced clients.

Music Promotion, Label Signing, Artist Smart Links, Smart App, Full Artist Control, Distribution Management and more.
Who We Are
We are an established music distribution service for artists launched in 2019 by Matt Sowards, CEO & Founder of DistroRecords.
What We Do
We find new artists on our platform, since they're paying a subscription, we manage and help them promote their tracks and make some earnings and make a name for them.
How We Do It?
We have a support team of managers, marketing consultants, and artists that promote to big labels, websites, and companies to promote.

What Our Customers Say
about our label service

Now Hiring!

Meet Our Team: WE ARE NOW HIRING! Marketing/Management, Web Developers & Graphic Designers ALL WANTED!
Matt Sowards
CEO & Founder
Matt Sowards
Entrepreneur.. Previously YouTuber 100k to Game Developer, Marketing/Management @totaldamagerecords @ravestarecords @distrorecords
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