Things You Can Do To Promote Your Music Without a Label or Manager

Simple music promotion tips for all artists

Sometimes it can feel like a real struggle to promote your label especially if you do not have a big team around you.

In this article we explore a few things you can do yourself to promote your music including:

Start a Newsletter, Mailing List or Text Line

Email marketing remains one of the most effective and easiest forms of marketing your music. Gather your fans email addresses at shows and via social media. Facebook now even offer ‘lead ads’ which will help you gather emails from your Facebook fans.

Once you have a list of email addresses use a simple service like MailChimp to create attractive newsletters and communicate with your fans.

The beauty of mailing lists is you own the relationship with the fan, no change in the newsfeed or trendy new platform can stop you from contacting your fans.

Want to take direct marketing to your fans a step further? Check out services like Superphone or Simpletexting and make use of text messaging as a marketing tool. Open rates on text messages are still almost unbeatable. There are also several services built on the Facebok messenger platform with similar functionality.

Create Music Smart Links for all your Releases


Your fans are all real people, they each have their own favorite way to consume their music, give them the choice to listen on any platform they like with a music smart link.

DistroRecords is the most complete smart link system for music allowing you to run pre-save / playlist-add campaigns for Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer, promote your music and events and much more.

Set up a free account on Smart Links at and start creating smart links for all of your tracks. (Your back-catalogue too!). Use these links to promote your music.

Once you start to get some traffic on your smart links you will be able to get in depth stats and analytics about your fans, helping you better promote your music in future. Knowledge is power!

You will also be able to re-target these fans with your Facebook adverts and other marketing.
Click here to learn more.

Submit Music to Playlist Curators and Blogs

Reach out to influencers who write about / curate playlists for the type of music you make. Be polite, use the correct channels and be as helpful to them as you can.

  • You can submit music to the official Spotify playlists for free using
  • You can submit music to user-curated playlists on Spotify & Deezer (including the Soundplate lists) for free using or

Use Social Media Advertising and Think About Your Content Strategy

Social media advertising can seem like a difficult skill to learn but the good news is that you can teach yourself by reading and experimenting. There are some incredible resources on this topic on the Buffer Blog, it’s a good place to start.

Learn about re-targeting adverts for music and experiment with different platforms and products. Right now, many music marketers are seeing great results with Instagram Story ads and TikTok influencer campaigns.

Swat up!

Social media advertising products should only be a small part of your overall social media strategy. Content is king. Try to think outside of the box when it comes to building a content strategy around your music.

  • Are you a great speaker? – Start a podcast.
  • Love being on camera? – Start a vlog.
  • Good writer? – create long form content on Medium, Facebook or Linkedin.
  • Snap a great photo? – Instagram could be the place for you..

Harness your skills outside music to create great content around your music.

Think Offline

You can generate a QR code to your music for free. 
It’s tempting to spend all your time promoting your music online, but nothing beats real life interaction. Play as many shows as you can, get out there and meet your fans, network with other artists and promote your music offline.

Printing some cards/flyers with details of your latest release can be a great tactic, especially if you include a QR code to your music.

Bonus Tip: Create Content For Your Music on Social Media Using These Tools

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