Smart Links a wonderful feature to our wonderful talented artists

Music Distribution on the GO!

Easy control over music distribution with DistroRecords.

Royalties & Promo

All your music can be chosen to be released on whatever music store & streaming platform you desire, whenever your song is tagged on youtube you get that earnings and have rights to copyright it.

Control Uploads

Edit & control your release uploads and tracklists and whatever you want because you should and deserve the full control over your music.

Push Notifications

All users signed up to our label, and your platforms will be auto-notified about your release coming out, included promo pack and press pack will be given.

Cloud Space & Label Host

Create unlimited smart links as you are just on the label, share your music to your fans off your own website, full 100% rights and control, no third party.

Private Chat

Account managers and staff team managing your uploads, help through regular day email, messaging, social media, and other devices.

Smart Links

Now for all artists signed up under distro records you will be given smart links / follow to download track gates for you as an artist or label. Gain Free Followers, Paid Sells, & Free Views off 1 link with a Smart Link.
  • Full Control
  • Support All Platforms
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Follow to Download
  • YouTube Player & Spotfy/Soundcloud Player
  • Edit Smart Links
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